Welcome to Quirky Marketing, the blog for all of us using creative, high tech, even unorthodox means to market ourselves and our businesses. This blog is dedicated to helping you survive and thrive as an intriguing, successful professional and marketer.

You’ll find four things here:

  1. Exploration of the latest techniques marketers are using to achieve their ends
  2. Links and commentary describing twists on proven marketing methods to help you beat the odds and stand out
  3. Stories from the field including interviews and conversations with influential, even famous marketers in the field of personal branding or B2B marketing, i.e. those doing something original, iconoclastic and effective
  4. Posts and short features on the edge of topics—subjects you might consider unrelated to marketing–intended to spark conversations, elicit your comments or occasionally indulge myself

I certainly hope some posts prove useful to you. If so, please let me know so I can provide more in a similar vein.
For more information about writer and marketer Maureen Fischer, go to www.maureenink.net. To share an observation, article or story, please e-mail mgfischer@goldengate.net

Header photo: Stormy by arca02 via Flickr
Author photo by Sue Bonner Josephson


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